Gilgamesh Concept Of Dharma Essay

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The concept of dharma The Bhagavadgita is a sacred book which consists of 18 chapters and 1,700 verses. It’s name means the song of God. It’s text is seen as practical and spiritual, and one of its important concepts is called dharma. The concept of dharma could be applied to Gilgamesh in regards to Gilgamesh’s calling in life, Enkidu’s destiny in the story, and Gilgamesh’s station in life. Dharma is fulfilling one’s responsibility in regards to calling and station in life. Gilgamesh being tall, strong, and handsome was in complete power seeing that he was also a demigod. He was a very corrupt ruler, and would do anything he pleased without any morals. He would recruit men to go to war and be with the men’s wives before they were even able to. This was Gilgamesh’s station. Being a corrupt ruler whose behavior could not be pacified because he had no equal. This station went against the fulfilling of Gilgamesh’s dharma but it all changed when a few of the townsmen cried out to the god’s about Gilgamesh’s wrong…show more content…
His name was Enkidu. He was also part human and part god. Enkidu used to run with the wild, and they would run with him as if he were one of their own. This station in life of Enkidu's was changed when the trapper told Gilgamesh to bring a harlotte with him so that once Enkidu is with the woman, the wild will not accept him as their own anymore. This may have been against Enkidu’s wishes, but it was a positive step towards fulfilling his dharma. Enkidu and Gilgamesh became good friends and he grew on Gilgamesh. Being the only person that was ever an equal, Enkidu’s words stuck with Gilgamesh like stink on a skunk. He taught Gilgamesh how to have compassion for wildlife, and although it may seem like a small lesson it was actually a big change considering Gilgamesh never cared about anyone or anything other than himself before meeting

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