How Parades Changed America

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Ever wonder how or if parades changed over time in America? Or how parades impacted certain cities in America? In the reading The American Parade: Representations of the Nineteenth-Century Social Order by Mary Ryan talks about the history of parades, a parades purpose, how it impacted certain cities such as New York, San Francisco and New Orleans, also what type of roles did parades play. Mary Ryan showed in the reading that parades in a given city changed over time and because of the changes she also reflected over the social changes the community in the cities encountered. The cities Mary Ryan elaborated about played important roles of social changes that took place around the 1850’s to the 19th century. Due to all the changes in the cities…show more content…
Although this may be true San Francisco later banned car advertising in parades. “Americans were not ready to place an ethic of consumption in the proud place where craftsmen once carried the icons of skilled production.” (Ryan pg. 141) Advertising does not tell much about the people but mostly about products. Also, another role a parade had was being able to display an ethnic festival. The different ethnic groups were able to come together but it was not till later. Mary Ryan stated that, “Well before 1876, ethnicity had begun to erode the public and inclusive character of parading”. ( Ryan pg. 145) When dealing with gender and parades, San Francisco before the civil war males still played an important role in parades not so much females. However, “by the 1860’s in New York and in San Francisco, had adapted and elaborated the role of women as living symbols”. (Ryan pg.149) One role that women had was playing the Goddess of Liberty. With that The city was able to see change in gender roles. The changes of the parade in San francisco over the course of the 19th century, displayed that the city was able to see change socially which can express a lot about the cities
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