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Constructing the Great Pyramids Despite the wealth of information published on the pyramids of the Old Kingdom, which suggests explanations for the technical devices and technologies involved, timing of the building, workforce employed and, construction process, the construction of the great pyramids still remains a mystery with little conclusive explanations as to how the ancient Egyptians accomplished such monumental feats. It is estimated that the great pyramids took over twenty-three years to complete. During the most intensive periods of work, it is estimated that nearly ten thousand people were involved in its construction. (Edwards 342) Difficulties faced during the construction were generated by the enormous size of pyramids. The…show more content…
The technique used by ancient Egyptians of working and polishing granite and stone was refined to a true art form. It is believed that as an abrasive material in their sawing operations, moistened quartz sand was used. It seems as if it would have been impossible to transport finished blocks without damaging their fine edges, logically, it can be assumed that rough unfinished blocks were first transported and put in place and finished off with the aid of templates. “Egyptologists conjecture that in order to cut the stone blocks, the ancient Egyptians must have had some method of tempering bronze – unknown in modern time.” (Tompkins 222) Cutting and inscribing hieroglyphs would have required a tool with and hard tempered edge. However, few iron tools have been uncovered. This may be a result of the rapid oxidation of Iron in Egypt in unison with the extremely nitrous soil. (Tompkins 222) Egyptian builders also used simple tools such as, plumb bobs (essentially the equivalent of a water level), string, rope, wood, stone hammers, sledges, copper chisels, and saws. The leveling of the pyramid was probably achieved with simple tools such as wooden instruments and plumb lines. However, regarding the use of plumb lines as a leveling technique as proves to be inconclusive because it could also become a problem since lifting water and transporting it in the Old

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