Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Essay

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novella Chronicle of a Death Foretold tells the story of a man, Santiago Nasar, killed by two brothers, Pedro and Pablo. His murder, intended to restore the family’s honor when Santiago is accused of stealing Angela Vicario’s virginity, takes place almost entirely uninhibited despite the entire town’s knowing of the brothers’ plans. It is from this notion that the novella is titled. The piece is centered around dramatic irony, hence the word ‘foretold’ within the title. As such, it nearly eliminates the possibility of suspense as concerns the denouement; therefore, the author must employ various other techniques to maintain the interest of the reader. These techniques include the use of an intriguing voice created by…show more content…
Even the title itself makes reference to this fact. Despite the reader’s knowing the ultimate denouement, the author allows several elements of mystery to pervade the plot and especially the subplots. Marquez is able to leave unanswered questions as major as “Did Santiago Nasar truly take Angela Vicario’s virginity?” and as minor as “What was the weather actually like on that day?” The reader may remain interested simply to find answers to these questions rather than the question of Santiago’s fate. In addition to these questions, the classification of the novella as magical realism means that the reader encounters several exaggerated and often unaccounted for occurrences. For example, after the Vicario brothers stab him an unknown number of times, even seven times fatally so, Santiago continues to walk about and even talk to those around him about his having been stabbed with his intestines in his hands. Lastly, Marquez’s choice concerning the order of the report mirrors the time distortion within the story. As the reader is forced from time period to time period, he is kept on his toes, unsure of which questions will be answered when or what will likely take place in the subsequent
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