Romantic Realism In The Devil And Tom Walker

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When first glanced at “The Devil and Tom Walker” does not seem like the “romantic” ideals one might think. The idea of romance is not just that of kissing, sex and relationships, that is an old paradigm. But, the tale of Tom Walker and the Devil depicts the beauty of nature, is emotionally charged and displayed many things that put imagination over reason, all characteristics of a romantic story. Even the definition of “romantic” is “of, characterized by, or suggestive of an idealized view of reality” (google dictionary). Like many other “romantic novels” these three things are often one of the first part of the story that is really noticed. But this particular tale, the reader doesn’t first pick out those three parts of a romantic tale. Washington…show more content…
This romantic short story might not be what one would think of today as romantic, but in 1824 when the tale was published, the rationalism of american citizens was to revolt against the industrial revolution. Which is exactly what Washington Irving did; he published a satirical tale of a man who made a deal with the devil. An important part of every romantic novel or story is how scenery is very well described. Most tales begin with a descriptive few paragraphs of the scene of the setting. During the particular time that the story of Tom and the Devil was published the idea of being in the woods or the beauty of nature was particularly of interest. In the tale of Tom and the devil, the first few lines begin with “On one side of this inlet is a beautiful dark grove; on the opposite side the land rises abruptly from the water’s edge into a high ridge...” (lines 3-5). Describing the shortcut Tom took on his way home that day. This quote depicts how even though this story by Washington Irving may not seem like a romantic tale, it still is, by describing the beauty of nature. During the industrial revolution many wanted their forests back and to get away from the black smoke and tall

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