How Does Ralph Demonstrate Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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INTRODUCTION The book, “Lord of the flies” is all about savagery. The book shows a group of school boys in a disserted island without adults or supervision after their plane crushes. They try to govern themselves in order to maintain order and civilization but they ultimately fail, descending into violence and brutality. In the beginning of the book Ralph, one of the school boys, finds Piggy, another boy who survived the plane crush and they both get acquainted. The other children were scattered around the island. As Ralph and Piggy wondered around the island they found a shell-like object in the sea and Piggy went on and tells Ralph that it was a conch. Piggy explains it to Ralph about how it works and he learnt immediately. Ralph blows the conch that Piggy had found, calling all the stranded boys to come all together. As the boys assemble around and introduce themselves, Ralph begins to take charge. He is…show more content…
Ralph boosts the motivation, optimism, and job performance of the group through a variety of mechanisms. These involves connecting the group’s sense of identity to the predicament and the collective identity of the situation that they are in. He inspires the group and makes them interested; challenging all the boys to take responsibility for their work, and understand their strengths and weakness of each boy, so Ralph aligns the group with tasks that enhance their performance. Jack on the other hand is a dictator. He dictates policies and procedures, decides what goals are to be pursued and controls all activities without any meaningful participation by the other boys. Jack has full control over the boys as time persists and he has a vision in mind to adapt to the environment and be savages. The other boys have to respond obediently to the orders or the will be punished and if they respond well, they will be rewarded with

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