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The first factor that contributed to the decline of the Greek polis was the devastation of war on Athens. The series of wars shattered the population, military, and economy of Athens. A twenty-seven year war obviously took a toll on Athens, especially with the empire it attempted to maintain. Athens and other city-states formed the Delian League in 477. Although it was intended as a league, Athens began to dominate this group. Over time, the Delian League transformed into the Athenian Empire. The expansion of the Athenian Empire brought them into conflict with Sparta. These, initially smaller, conflicts escalated, which started the Peloponnesian War in 431 BCE. Then, the first phase, the Archidamian War, lasted for ten years. Sparta…show more content…
Athens made many risky, and ultimately poor, decisions after these events. One such decision was their attempt to take Sicily. This endeavor failed spectacularly. Their attempts to bring in Sicily within their empire had the opposite effect: the people of Sicily united further in resistance to Athens. Additionally, Athens attempted to increase taxes and tributes from the members of the Delian League. Mytilene, one member of the league, attempted a revolt in response. The revolt ultimately failed. With much debate, the Athenians spared the city, but disenfranchised them. This conflict, along with others, stretched Athens resources and strength during the…show more content…
They were eventually overthrown and democracy restored. Yet, the status and power of Athens were greatly destabilized by the war. On the other hand, Sparta continued to attain dominance in the Greek world. Again, another war broke out, the Corinthian War in the years 394-387. The war ended with the Kings Peace, which gave back Ionia to the Persians. Of the consequences of this war, tone with the greatest impact on the downfall of the polis is the revival of aristocracy in Greek society. Further wars for the next twenty-some years add to the destabilization of the

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