Gender Stereotypes In The Movie 'The Pacifier'

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In today’s day and age movies portray a certain way that men and women should live their everyday lives. Women stay home and take care of the children and are completely reliable on men. Whereas men are seen to take control and protect his family. I have selected this movie because I wanted to write from a woman’s point of view. The movie “The Pacifier” targeted an audience around the ages of 12-18 and displayed what a family should be like for the male and for the female. The director of this movie is Adam Shankman, he is also the director of Hairspray, A walk to remember and Rock of Ages. Each of these movies have different portrayals of the roles of men and women. In the movie Hairspray men are dancers which in some views can be seen as “Gay”. In the movie Rock of Ages, men are obviously rockers which is some little boys dreams. And lastly the movie A Walk to remember shows how a relationship should be between a man and woman. So Adam Shankman stays on the gender track throughout most of his movies. In the movie Vin Diesel is Lieutenant Shane Wolfe and was given a job to save a man by…show more content…
While out protecting Mr. Plummer he takes a bullet for Mr. Plummer even though that wasn’t enough to save Mr. Plummer’s life he is shown as a hero. However Wolfe does become the mommy of the family for awhile and has a female role, he agrees to take LuLu and her girl scouts to Costco to sell cookies. Wolfe is constantly running around trying to keep the kids happy and get them to where they need to be which explains the tough time women have as mothers. Wolfe is seen as a role model to todays younger boys, he is very manly, attractive, muscular and a protector. For example of the role model of being a “man” the boy in the family Seth says “There’s a man in the house! It’s me!”, this shows how younger boys want to be seen as a man or the

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