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Poon Lim is a chinese seaman who survived after being lost at sea on a life raft for 133 days. Piscine Molitor Patel from the novel, Life of Pi, survived for 227 days. He survived in the middle of the ocean, on a lifeboat with an adult bengal tiger for 227 days. For the reader, doing so may have seemed like a tough task for Pi. For Pi, this task was near impossible. He managed to survive alongside Richard Parker, an adult tiger, every day that he was out at sea. He pushed through mental challenges that he never could have imagined having to deal with. He handled physical complications that no 16 year old should even have to think about. In the novel, Life of Pi, author Yann Martel portrays the idea that no matter how hard challenges in life…show more content…
Pi undergoes many of these troubles, in one of the worst environments he could be in. One of the toughest elements Pi overcomes is about getting food and water. To make it even worse, Pi has to feed both himself and Richard Parker. Pi could have simply given up once he ran out of food, but he pushed through to provide for him and Richard Parker. In life, whether it relates to food or not, people may think a task is impossible to complete. When Pi runs out of his food and water he most likely feels as if there is no possible way of satisfying his needs. But Pi knows that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. Humans need to understand this idea. Enduring through the tough times in life can seem impossible, but only if people let their minds believe that. Pi knew that there was a way to overcome his problem, and he did by fishing and using solar stills. Anyone can overcome problems in life, as long as they believe in themselves and work hard to carry on through the issue. Another matter that Pi had to fight through was the harsh climate. Pi was under the scorch of the sun most days, and many storms occurred as well. This also allowed another chance for Pi to give up. The harsh weather wears Pi down, causing him to feel awfully weak. When individuals feel worn out, they find it easier to put off tasks that need to be completed. The easy way out…show more content…
Being alone with his thoughts for 227 days was not simple. An exhausting aspect of Pi’s days was the fact that he kept gaining hope, and losing it shortly after. This change in emotion wore him down. For people in the real world, false hope can also make a person feel exhausted. When people get their hopes up and are let down, they can be emotionally affected. This may leave them with a feeling of distrust, hurt, and possibly depression. When Pi’s hope got let down, he felt weaker and became less trusting each time. Every time he was let down, emotionally he sunk lower and lower into a state of depression. He did not let these feelings get to him though. He never let these feelings allow him to completely give up, which ultimately caused him to survive. Another mental dilemma that Pi deals with is his isolation. Of course, he is with a tiger, but has no human interaction. On page 182 Pi says “...if he died I would be left alone with despair, a foe even more formidable than a tiger.” In this sentence Pi is using irony talking about if he did not have Richard Parker, he would be all alone, which he would not be able to stand. He prefers the company of a killer rather than fighting against isolation. This sort of problem that Pi deals with is one that many humans can relate to. A feeling of being alone, or having nobody to confide in can make a person feel horrible about himself. This feeling can

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