Examples Of Modernism In The Great Gatsby

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Modernism in literature is defined as the struggle many had with new ideas and discoveries challenged in their previous life.Think of it as the cause and effect movement,what the person did in the past affects their present.The Great Gatsby is a great example of this, all the characters problems are caused from themselves. The whole book is about a veteran trying to get his past love to love him again. While trying to do this adultery, murders, and many crimes were committed. If you look at the smaller picture you realize that Gatsby was only a small part of it all. When Gatsby was younger he was a officer in World War I. He was stationed at Camp Taylor where he met Daisy. Soon after they fell in love but Gatsby had to leave for war. While…show more content…
But Daisy never really “loved” anyone, she loved the money and the attention. In the book on page 120 it refers to her as the “golden girl” and Tom (her current husband) realizes that Daisy just cares about the money as he says “Her voice is full of money.” At this point in the book Tom recognizes that Daisy and Gatsby are trying to get back together and Daisy notices that Tom is cheating on her. Later in the book Daisy gets drunk and is not in any condition to drive, but she does. She ends up hitting Myrtle (Tom's lover) with Gatsby's car and kills her. Since Myrtle got hit with Gatsby's car Tom thinks that Gatsby is the one that killed her, therefore he kills Gatsby.This is all because Gatsby took the blame for Daisy. This wouldn't have happened if they stayed true to each other , got a divorce, or even if they were sober. The entire murder was caused by them, intentionally or not. Nick is considered the “hero” in this story all though he is not perfect and has many flaws like, he doesn’t speak his mind. He is not wealthy, he lives how he wants to live and he’s not part of the bankrupt world. These characteristics are another

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