How Does Orwell Use Power In The Book 1984

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The power that a government contains can be used in a very good way or a very bad way. A good way as in satisfy their people and rule based off the citizens opinions, or a bad way as in make the citizens think they are being satisfied by manipulating them to believe the government is ruling them the best way they can. In the book 1984 Orwell, the author, shows in a very good way how a government could start using their power to rule their citizens in a very controlling way. Orwell uses the book 1984 to warn us that if we the people do not do anything to keep the government from gaining too much power that they could end up like Big Brother in the story. In the story there are plenty of examples of how a government can control the citizens and use their power to keep the control very strict. In the story 1984 Big Brother controls their…show more content…
One of the things that are in the story that he made up are the Thought Police, and they are able to read your thoughts. They are like the police that we have today but the only thing they do is go around and read thoughts to make sure the people don’t think things that would go against the government. They also have things in the story called telescreen that are in everyone’s house so that it can monitor what all people say at home when they are not around the thought police. Another thing that Orwell uses to show the government controlling the citizens thoughts are Junior Spies, and these are young kids of citizens who work for the government and they listen to what people say when not around the thought police or telescreens. In the story Orwell does a very good job of coming up with things to show how a government could come up with things that allow them to do things that they want their citizens to think. These are all very good examples of how a government could use their power to make their citizens think how they want them to

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