Argumentative Essay On 1984 By George Orwell

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Most people view censorship in a negative way. Censorship is seen as a tool to reshape people within a society. This is a credible argument but the exact opposite can be said too; not censoring something can also reshape a society. By viewing censorship through the second argument, censoring George Orwell’s book, 1984, is beneficial to society. 1984 was created in 1949, and the book passes a harsh judgment on overreaching totalitarian societies, specifically Stalin’s totalitarian society at the time of the book’s creation. The leaders of this dystopian society abuse their powers in ways of physical and psychological dominance, the manipulation of history and the invasion of privacy. Censoring this book may seem foolish because this book allows…show more content…
The NSA may seem like a good reason not to censor Orwell’s book because the American people can get a glimpse into what surveillance abuse looks like. Though the NSA may seem like a huge step in the right direction for America becoming a surveillance state, the NSA’s purpose of the NSA is not to watch America’s people but is to protect the American people. Big Brother uses the telescreens and hidden microphones in 1984 to control their society; Big Brother is able to gain control through their society’s paranoia. The NSA uses controversial means to collect data but the data collecting and snooping is to protect America’s society. Though Big Brother and the NSA use similar methods to obtain information, the purpose for obtaining the information is completely different. By allowing Orwell’s book and not censoring his book, the American people are starting to develop paranoia about the NSA for very wrong reasons. Censoring Orwell’s book will help dilute the paranoia within America and allow Americans to see that the real enemy or the Big Brother of America is the threat of a foreign or domestic terrorist that is trying to rid America of its people ruled democracy by the toppling of America’s democratic

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