How Does Media Affect Police Brutality?

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Through the media lens “To serve and protect," is a common phrase that is used among police officers that defines their primary duty as a cop. What once was a powerful notion, has lost its meaning through time. Instead, its reputation is now riddled with cases involving what is known as police brutality. Police brutality has become the way many in the U.S. learn about problems in cities with intense inequality. Rather than the media playing its investigative role and identifying deeper reasons for social unrest and protests, the media has run with the police brutality news frame. “An average person cannot comprehend the risks and has no true understanding of a cop’s job” (the commissioner of New York City). The media displays a negative image when it comes to police officers. Society…show more content…
To effectively solve this problem, most of the time, officers must simply rely on their instincts. Policeman must have the “ability to be proactive and sniff out suspicious behavior well before it explodes like a match into a keg of powder” (Armstrong Williams 8). Since the mass media have come about people have become more aware of theirgovernment and society. Media made us more alert of important issues that effects our lives. However, sometimes media exaggerate issues and reflect it differently to us. One of these issue is police brutality. Media give the impression that all police are brutal. Every time police use their authority to use force it becomes police brutality. Media don’t distinguish between brutality and using force protect our freedom. Police role involves the maintenance of order, community service and law enforcement for democratic society. Police is necessary for democracy. They have great deal of authority to enforce laws. They have the right to arrest, search and use brute force to maintain order. Brute force is the rough treatment against a criminal or whoever violates a law that jeopardizes somebody else’s life, freedom and

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