We Are Anonymous, (Anonhq)

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“We Are Anonymous,”(AnonHQ). This statement is used by the hacktivist group Anonymous, a group that performs attacks on websites owned by groups such as governments and religious groups. Anonymous performs all of their hacktivist activities over the internet, and using social media is the only way to get their message out to the people. Social media such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook are extremely important in the success and impact of the hacktivist group, Anonymous. Anonymous is an entirely Internet based group that is comprised of many members. The group performs their attacks by executing Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS), which in result shut down another organization’s website for a period of time. Although DDoS attacks are not permanent,…show more content…
With over 3.5 million likes on their page, Anonymous is receiving many likes and comments, which eventually reach out to a lot more people than 3 million. Facebook posts in the past 3 hours already have over one thousand likes and hundreds of shares. Anonymous’s primary use of facebook is to raise awareness for world issues, with links to many articles and news websites pertaining to the issues. This social media page is key to Anonymous’s effectiveness, as the range of people Anonymous’s posts reach is very high compared to their other methods of communication such as their website. Without Facebook, Anonymous would not have the same growth and popularity that it has…show more content…
At over 1.4 million followers, Anonymous is able to reach a wide range of people over the internet, to the point where Anonymous is a recognizable group. Anonymous looks to twitter to describe world news and events that are important to the people. A popular subject of the most recent tweets from Anonymous is about police brutality, such as “Body cameras are a false solution. Cops want body cameras to help them incriminate the public, not themselves,”(YourAnonNews). This shows Anonymous’s stance on current issues as well as their motives for Internet based attacks.Without social media and the power of the internet, Anonymous would truly be anonymous, and no one would know them. The third social media site Anonymous uses to promote their organization is tumblr. Anonymous has not been very active on tumblr, as their last post was a status update posted in May of 2014. This outlet does not display the audience that this profile reaches, but it is inferred that Anonymous is not concerned in growing their tumblr account. Instead, it seems it is uses as a backup outlet to display Anonymous information in case their Facebook or Twitter account goes down. Anonymous’s tumblr account is very active, and it does not seem that this is a primary source for Anonymous’s

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