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III. Describe why you are choosing this experience for children. I choose this experience for children in my classroom because I saw that they are interesting in playing with play dough. According to my last experience plan, I saw that they are really into playing with play dough and making it into each and their original idea without any the same idea. This activity will help develop their fine motor skills and creation. Children will have opportunity to develop in their mind and transform that imagination into something in real life made of play dough using their hands, and mind. IV. What are the outcomes for this exercise? I think that the outcomes for this experience are that they get another chance of owning their own playing dough but with a different field this time. Children will enjoy playing play dough, and that children will get a chance to describe something that they make from play dough. This activity will not only demonstrate their motor skills, but also their thinking skills about how they can…show more content…
I will say “now we start playing with play dough, we can do anything with these materials.” I will do some example such as making a leaf using play dough, so that the children can have an idea of the activity. Not only that this experiment is enjoyable experiment, but it’s also fitted in with the children’s current experience or as part of the daily routine in this classroom because during 9:50 – 11:20am when children have to do some inside/outside learning experiences, they will be playing/doing math, sensory, art, fine motor, dramatic play, and science. This activity will give kids more opportunity to play, developing their fine motor skills, and transform their imagination into a piece of art that’s made out of play dough after they see, and feel interesting into my example in class, and maybe they will trying to do something with the materials that’s on the

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