How Does Iago Use Desdemona's Handkerchief In Othello

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By means of this particular soliloquy, the audience is fully aware of the fact that the thought of having done so Iago kills his inside like poisonous mineral. Nothing can, nor shall satisfy, Iago’s heart till he stirs Othello’s heart such a strong feeling of skeptic thought that no amount of reasoning can cure. Soliloquy thus advances the action of the play in so far as it shows to what extent Iago has succeeded to implant the seeds of skepticism in Othello’s mind and to what extent Desdemona’s handkerchief will be used to make Othello skeptic. The soliloquy of Emilia “My wayward husband hath a hundred times” (Othello, 3. 3. 296) is important to mention here because the idea of using Desdemona’s handkerchief for an evil purpose did not come…show more content…
Although Desdemona’s beauty and charm affect Othello so deeply that he might swerve from his purpose, when he remembers she will betray more men as she did Cassio so she must die. Desdemona’s single and brief soliloquy reveals her puzzlement at her husband’s strange treatment but it shows also that she is resigned to whatever happens: “Tis meet I should be used so, very meet.” (Othello, 4.2.109). There is no trace of bitterness here, no feeling of protest or rebelliousness against Othello, but only a passive acceptance, which is certainly a flaw in her character. This way soliloquies have been used either to help towards the action of the play by indicating a certain course that the speaker proposes to follow or, what is more important, to throw light on the character and hidden motives of the speaker as also to throw light on other characters in the play. More significantly the presence of good and evil characters in Othello has been manifested through the use of soliloquy. In the following section, the presence of good and evil characters is broadly analyzed through several examples in order to show how Iago’s sinister acts works upon Othello’s mind and cause him to be

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