Jealousy In Othello's 'Green Eyed Monster'

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Week 4 Conflicts In Drama Essay Assignment The Green Eyed Monster: Why do you think Iago is so intensely invested in his hatred for Othello? What might his motivation for plotting such deception and downfall? Is Iago a logical character—does he make sense, or seem recognizable to you? In the play Othello jealously is one of the main dangers between the characters throughout the play. The play shows how jealousy can be fueled by circumstantial evidence and can destroy lives. Jealousy is used in the form of hate throughout the play. The term the green eyed monster in the play Othello is represented through the hatred and revenge Iago has against Othello. Jealousy takes many forms from sexual competition to professional competition. Both forms of jealous in the play lead to a destructive ending or downfall. Iago is a character who claims to be a person with the reputation of honesty, but invents lies in order to exploit and manipulate other people. He treats other people as if they were stupid or in other words as a fool. Iago has no time for tender emotion. He’s a married man and at some point in time loved his wife. He cares for no one, but still has the time to devote his entire life to revenge rather than to walk away in disdain. Cheating and lying is what Iago rather do to gain…show more content…
This jealousy all began when Iago wasn’t promoted to lieutenant by Othello. Iago grew a strong hatred against Othello when he didn’t promote him. Othello gave the promotion of lieutenant to Cassio instead of Iago. Iago is very selfish and wants everyone to feel as he does. Iago was loyal to Othello and fought by his side as a soldier, so he automatically thought the promotion of lieutenant would go to him. Roderigo has been paying Iago to help his in his suit to Desdemona. That has all changed after they found out that Othello has married Desdemona. This gives Iago more of reason to have hate and jealousy against

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