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There is a distinct difference between structure and plot, both which affect the theme significantly. Structure is the order the story is physically told on paper, usually the author does this purposely. Plot is the order of events in which they happen chronologically. Although someone dies after they are born, the author may mention the death first in the story. Structure is what intrigues the reader and gives the reader subtle hints. Specifically in The Chaser by John Collier, the poison is mentioned before the love potion so that the reader will have it in the back of their mind, theoretically having the same result on the character. Once Alan is appalled by the poison, the old man moves on the next potion which is the love potion. This…show more content…
In a normal story, the order of event would be smooth, but Collier is trying to foreshadow the readers that the poison is essential to accommodate the love potion. Alan is portrayed as a young naïve boy looking for love, we see how desperate he is through his dialogue and actions. When the old man says "Yes, she will want to be everything to you,” Alan responds with "She is, already. Only she doesn't care about it.” This shows how the old man will use Alan’s inexperience to his advantage because after he continues on about how much Diana will love Alan he mentions the price of the poison again. Collier placed this dialogue in the plot, where it at first seems random, but when considering the grand scheme of the issue it is perfectly inserted to make a connection in the readers…show more content…
The old man finally says, more bluntly, "Then customers come back, later in life, when they are better off, and want more expensive things. Here you are. You will find it very effective." This is the last clue that the love potion is overactive and Alan will be wanting the poison later in life. He is much clearer this time, almost as if he is giving a liability statement, so when Alan comes back he can say that he expressed the dangers and solutions to the love potion when he left his store. The last line is probably the most important of the story and it perfectly lines up with plot and structure. The last thing the old man says is “Au revoir.” Au revoir is the meaning of “see you later.” By the old man saying “see you later” rather than “goodbye” it should be the final hint to the reader that Alan will be back for the poison. This is the last thing that is said, and it is placed where it should be chronologically in the plot, but it also works perfectly with the story because the simplest dialogue of the entire work is the most powerful. Although the old man alludes to Alan coming back for the poison, this is a positive statement that he definitely

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