How Does Elizabeth Bennet Change

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When certain events happen in your life you are destined to change. Elizabeth Bennet/Darcy changed her perspective on Mr. Darcy throughout the book. When the two of them first met, Elizabeth thought of Mr. Darcy as a self-centered egotistical man who never wished to come in contact with people who were not of his class. Later on, though, Elizabeth was able to speak to and see Mr. Darcy on a number of occasions and was able to see through his shell. When Elizabeth heard that Mr. Darcy helped pay the debts of Mr. Wickham and heard that Mr. Darcy oversaw the marriage of her sister, Lydia, and Mr. Wickham, Elizabeth had to have a change of heart. She saw Mr. Darcy as a well mannered nice guy who's only want was to see that Elizabeth was happy.…show more content…
Darcy changed the way he was presented to people. At the beginning of the story, many people saw him as handsome, but a standoffish man who had little to say unless it was meant to be mean. He grew up selfishly and learned to only talk to people of his own rank. It was not until Elizabeth showed up, that Mr. Darcy realized he needed to change his act. Though he only talks to Elizabeth when they were alone together he soon began to open up. It seemed to be that he was nervous to talk to people in fear of being judged. So when Elizabeth talked to him he was very taken back. She did judge him on some things, but on others she agreed. I think that opened up Mr. Darcy's judgment of keeping quiet, and though still shy does sometimes engage in conversations at get
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