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Charles de lint once said ‘you’ve got to find yourself first. Everything else follows’. When one finds themselves they are able to understand the path they are going through and escape all the difficult moments they experience. Through this, accepting others becomes less complicated and forming bonds can come naturally. Improvement of life quality can be evident if one is capable to understand the individuals around and break all the barriers between them. Therefore happiness and freedom can be apparent. Understanding ourselves makes it much easier for us to accept others into our lives for the reason that one becomes liberated and content. We all face difficulties which become our reality in some time of our lives we may not understand them…show more content…
As Josie’s mother forces her to show respect, Josie replies by” I detest that word, probably because in this world you have to respect the wrong people for the wrong reasons”. The relationships in Looking for Alibrandi are realistic; Josie’s relationship with Nonna is a good example of how we should understand ourselves in order to accept others. Because, when Nonna was the same age as Josie she made a massive mistake by having an affair with Marcus Sandford. After that Josie understands how much her grandmother had to sacrifice for her daughter Christina. Josie really changes her manner towards Nonna when she recognizes the purpose and experience of Nonna’s struggle, which was to protect Christina and Josie from experiencing the same pain and sorrow. Through one conversation Nonna states “One day you will have children and you will understand what sacrifices really are".Therefore, Josie understands and accepts her grandmother roles which will enables her to understand…show more content…
In order to understand herself Josie needed to let her father enter her life.Since the cyclone of emotions that Josie faced was because she thought that her father rejected her when she was in her mother’s womb instead the reality was very different because her father didn’t know that she existed. In the quote "I hate to tell you, Josie, but I wasn't aware of your existence until very recently so I haven't had time to think about this”. Now can I have a show of hand of people that agree that Josie should understand and accept her father because he didn’t know about her up to now? Yes that what Josie did, she accepted her father and they begin to link together and enjoy each other’s relationship as father and daughter. Josie says “... six months ago I hadn’t met my father and I didn’t want to. These days I see him three times a week and the days I don’t see him he rings me. Somehow we have developed a great relationship”. Even Michael faces a change in his viewpoint on fatherhood. He is at first in denial and does not want anything to do with Josie, but as certain events unfold, he wants to become a big part of her life and get to know what he has missed out on. Michael now started accepting that he has a daughter even though he did not know about it which made him find a part of him identity and understand

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