How Did Thomas Paine Fight For American Independence

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Thomas Paine was the author of one of the most influential/popular books in the eighteenth-century America, called Common Sense. Within this work Paine urges the people to fight for American Independence from Great Britain, using what he calls “common sense” facts. These facts are the results of the tyranny that Great Britain has imposed upon the people and are the rebuttals to points made by those who still favor an alliance with the mother country. Paine begins with the arguments made by those who wish for reconciliation with Great Britain. One of their points for reaffirming an alliance is that they believe America only flourished because of their connection to Great Britain and that it is necessary to maintain this connection to continue to do so. Paine counter argues that this is absurd for America would have prospered regardless of Europe’s interference because the goods that are plentiful there are necessary things of life. As he said “America would have flourished…had no European power taken any notice of her…The commerce by which…show more content…
Then finally that they foresaw advantages at being united with Britain so that together they would become a fearsome unstoppable force in the world. Paine proved each of these points to be ineffective for he stated that Britain did not protect them because of any attachment they held for them, only interest in their commerce and in maintaining the dominant power there. Furthermore, he believe “Europe, and not England, is the parent country of America” (643), and that as far as joining forces with England goes this is mere presumption for “the fate of war is uncertain… [and] this continent would never suffer itself to be drained of inhabitants to support British armies…”
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