Analyzing Thomas Paine's 'Common Sense'

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1. What is the name of your source and when was it produced? The name of my source is Common Sense and it was produced in January 1776. 2. Who was the author/creator of this document and how are they related to the event they are talking about? The author of the document is Thomas Paine. Paine lived in England up until the point of the Boston Tea Party Winter of 1774. Benjamin Franklin had made Paine’s acquaintance and suggested he come to the Colonies ( ). Paine lived in the Colonies in America during the period of the Revolutionary War. Thomas Paine Common Sense, was a call to the masses of the Colonies to bring “an end to monarchy, establish a system of representative democracy, full equality for all, and the establishment of an independent…show more content…
How credible is the author on their subject and what are some potential biases they may have had? At first I believed that there were biases by Paine and that he wrote it out of his desire to insight the Colonists into a Revolution. I came across a piece of work that has Paine’s own words in it, and it has since changed my mind. Politics and self-interest have been so uniformly connected that the world from being so often deceived has a right to be suspicious of public characters. But with regard to myself, I am perfectly easy on this head. I did -not at my first setting out in public life, nearly seventeen years ago, turn my thoughts to subjects of government from motives of interest; and my conduct from that moment to this proves the fact. I saw an opportunity in which I thought I could do some good, and I followed exactly what my heart dictated, I neither read books, nor studied other people's opinions-I thought for…show more content…
He lived in England for from birth to 1774 and was an unsuccessful tax collector. The time that he spent in that profession gave him an insight to the British government and he shared that in a book that he wrote “ “. He was sharing with the people his opinion on the government and made them think things that were within them, but he made them acknowledge this. 4. List three things in the document that you think are important. In the section that is headed with Some writers have so confounded… Paine discusses how the British constitution is set up and how ludicrous it is and they need to rule themselves. In the section titled In the following pages I offer.. Paine outlines the reasons that the Colonies should separate from the England. Paine writes that the Colonies have sustained too many injuries from Britain to be attached to them anymore and continues to explain that Britain is holding back the full potential of the Colonies if they do not separate. In the section Let the assemblies be annual.. Paine answers pressing questions that might be on the Colonist's minds. Such as how a Navy should be built to fight the British and how a new government should be assembled and paying off the war debt they will incur? 5. Why do you think the document was

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