Enlightenment And Great Awakening Argumentative Essay

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At this time of year when things started to get really tense and stressful with the Motherland, people had to make a decision on what side to support. Some Americans believe that it was not right to break away from the British government, and while others did not seem to be bothered nor did they care what was happening. Americans should stand together, as one, to face the Motherland without fear support the fight for a Revolution, and a chance at independence because of the Enlightenment and Great Awakening, taxation without representation, neglect and individual liberties being taken away. The Enlightenment and Great Awakening was a movement where colonials were becoming antiauthoritarian, questioning authority, and the Puritan faith needed…show more content…
Americans viewed this taxation was a way for England to raise money without the colonies approval. This would not fly by with the Americans; they already had to deal with the Sugar Act, the Currency Act, and now the Stamp Act. That was the final straw. American colonists supported the popular cry “No taxation without representation” to dispute the taxes that were placed upon them by English Parliament. Americans valued their own representative legislatures and believed it unfair that they had to subject themselves to a legislative body thousands of miles away by unfair taxes. The reaction against taxation was violent and the most powerful and articulate groups in the population rose against the taxation. As the First Continental Congress came to session for the first time, the men involved wanted to find a way to show Brittan that they were not going to keep being treated like unworthy people, thus they decided to make the Non-importation Agreement which was “an agreement that all the colonies would boycott English goods” (Independence Hall Association,

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