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In Wright’s first two chapters of After you Believe, Wright focuses on major questions Christians are facing after they believe in Christ and the importance of Christian character and virtue. The book begins by illustrating a conversion encounter with Christ. The author then explains the challenge facing many Christians today. Often, Christians are unsure of what to do after they accept Jesus into their lives. Wright stresses that there is a lack of knowledge about Christianity and how to live as a Christian. Some of the questions the book will answer are: How should I behave ? How do I find happiness ? How do I get to heaven? How should I live? How does one know? How do I make moral decisions ? (6) Wright uses the stories of two people…show more content…
Cardinal virtues are the central virtues, according to Aristotle - the ones needed for a happy life. (33) These four virtues are justice, prudence, temperance and courage. (33) Character and virtue forming is a slow process; it does not happen overnight. In order to develop this character one must develop the “moral muscles” by making moral choices and acquiring skills. (35) Human behaviour is habit forming, therefore our choices form our habits. The brain also ‘wires’ itself, thus making similar behaviour easier. Learning virtues can be compared to learning a new language or musical instrument. The more practice at it, the easier it becomes until it is second nature. Without practice it is easy to forget a language or instrument, just like not practicing a virtue can eliminate it from a persons life. (41) As a musician and bilingual person, both of these images and examples provide a very clear concept that is easy to understand. The part of the image that I disagree with is that it does not come naturally to begin with. (42) I have an aptitude for music; a gift. Learning the very basics of an instrument comes easily; the intermediate and difficult technique takes a lot of practice. I believe that some people may have an easier time accepting and developing virtues more readily than

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