Comparing Frankenstein 'And Prometheus'

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Timed Write Essay From the perspective of Santiago & Prometheus, the poem “Waving Adieu, Adieu, Adieu” by Wallace Stevens is interpreted in two different ways. From the standpoint of Santiago, this poem is reflecting off of the part of his life when he caught no fish, and was viewed as a loser by other fishermen. For Prometheus, this is reflecting off of the majority of his life when he was ruled by a corrupt government. Although, both of these viewpoints are the past theme songs, if you will, for their lives. By the end of each book, the characters are changed and have a new outlook on this poem, and just on life in general. A similarity between the two interpretations is the realization that they have gone too far to give up now. A difference between the two poems is that Santiago would relate this poem to the pity he received for his lack of catching fish, and Prometheus would relate this to the society he has just escaped. The overall comprehension of the poem from Santiago and Prometheus are different, as they went through much different experiences in each book. In The Old…show more content…
The way Prometheus would interpret this poem would be to connect it to the society he just escaped, and how he dealt with this society. The society was, in my eyes, a mix between totalitarianism and communism; the government controlled every aspect of each person’s life. Prometheus felt as if he wasn’t even living, as he had to do exactly what they told him to do, no questions asked. This relates to the poem. “Just to be there, just to be beheld, That would be bidding farewell, be bidding farewell.” (Stevens 15, 16) This quote is saying that if a person is just on the Earth, wasting space, they aren’t really living. This is exactly how Prometheus feels. Prometheus would also interpret the whole first stanza as something he can relate to. Secretly, he was crying and shouting goodbye to his society, but he knew he couldn’t
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