Song Analysis Of Dear Mr. President By Alicia Beth Moore

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On September 8, 1979, Alicia Beth Moore, now known as Pink, was born in Doylestown, Pa. The artist Pink had a rough start in life. After her parents divorced, she turned into a very angry teen that led to her parents and friends’ family to fear her and for her. At age 15, her near fatal overdosed on crystal meth, angel dust, ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana soon to follow, she faced arrest for petty larceny and trespassing. At sixteen, she was signed by a Trio group bu twas later on was signed with another company as a solo artist. When she signed as a soloist artist, she died her hair pink hence the name. Pink is widely known as tough and wild, however her song “Dear Mr. President” shows her political and conscious side. Her music represents her ideas and what is going on with her life.…show more content…
President,/ Come take a walk with me.” where she is specifically asking former President of the United States George W Bush who was the president at that time the song was released, to hear what she has to say. Then she goes on to state that even though he has a high title that he is the same as everyone else, and he should be able to have honest conversations with anyone,” Let's pretend we're just two people and/You're not better than me./I'd like to ask you some questions if we can speak honestly.” Later in the song, Pink tries to listener to forget about the power his title holds by comparing him to a lonely boy, “Were you a lonely boy?/Are you a lonely boy?/Are you a lonely

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