How Did The Montgomery Bus Boycott Impact The Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement was a very important part in history that changed African Americans lives forever. The act’s goal was to end racial segregation for African Americans in the United States and was continued from 1954 to 1968. Racial Segregation has been a big issue is the United States for many years, starting in the colonial and slave era. In this time, African Americans weren’t allowed things like education, voting rights, and citizenship that white people were. Many events and people became well known for contributing to this act to stop racial segregation. One of the most popular events was the Montgomery Bus Boycott. This was a big, influential event that started on December 1st 1995 and lasted till December 20th 1956. It all started…show more content…
This historical event sparked the boycott and just over a year later, it resulted in the city passing a law that authorized African Americans to sit anywhere they wanted. The Montgomery Bus Boycott had a positive impact on the Civil Rights Movement by desegregating seating on buses. This was possible by having multiple strong leaders, people uniting together and being the first event of its kind. The first way the Montgomery Bus Boycott altered the civil rights movement was obtaining strong leaders. One of the most popular leaders was Rosa Parks. Parks was well known by refusing to give up a bus seat that was “reserved” for a white person, then being kicked off. This incident happened on December 4th 1995, initially sparking the bus boycott event. Before this, Parks was already an active member in the black community by volunteering, being the secretary of the NAACP since 1994 and…show more content…
The morning of the one-day boycott, he and his wife saw an empty bus passing their house. The buses kept passing, making him more and more excited. He now knew the boycott was going to be a success. On the Monday afternoon after parks trial, the black leaders of Montgomery met to discuss the protest rally taking place that evening. Not too long after, the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) elected king president of the group. At this time, King didn’t have much experience besides being a powerful speaker. His job was to give a speech at the Holt Street Baptist Church. Reaching the end of his speech, King states “But there comes a time, there comes a time when people get tired. We are here this evening to say to those who have mistreated us so long that we are tired- tired of being segregated and humiliated; tired of being kicked about by the brutal feet of oppression.” (pg46) The crowd went crazy, cheering and stomping, shaking the church walls. With his strong words and actions, Martin Luther King Jr. is considered an active leader in the Montgomery Bus

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