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In my opinion, I believe that the Montgomery Bus Boycott (MBB) was significant as it left a legacy like no other. However, when compared to other events in the fight for civil rights, I think it loses its significance and stands merely as a symbol of the movement. In this essay, I will be arguing that its role in the civil rights campaign was exaggerated drastically and it had no real impact on the majority of black Americans at the time. I think it was far too small scale to pave the way for the Civil Rights Movement (CRM). I also believe that Rosa Parks – the supposed mother of the CRM – is overrated and achieved nothing of significance. The events in the MBB can be interpreted as heroic and great but I don’t believe that anything significant actually changed. This can be illustrated by a source that reads “I do not believe we are any nearer a solution to the black – white controversy than we were in 1870.” [1] This source really supports my argument by outlining the limitations of the MBB…show more content…
One so distorted that people believe the event achieved unimaginable accomplishments. However, I believe that it was greatly exaggerated and is really just a symbol of the campaign. One particular quote said by Malcolm X conveys that the events of the MBB were not in any way gallant or significant. He said “A chump can sit, a coward can sit, anything can sit. Well, you and I been sitting long enough and it’s time for us today to start doing some standing and some fighting to back that up.” [4] This backs up my initial argument as he is saying that what Rosa Parks did was not in any way daring or brave; all she did was sit down. She is an exaggerated role in the CRM and did nothing of any importance in the event. The occasion as a whole was extremely overrated and the outcomes of the MBB didn’t have any real impact on black

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