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For my Kite Runner Poetry Connections, I will be connecting the poem Two Prisons Divided By A Gulf by Jean Vanker to the theme, the disregard of social differences will negatively affect relationships, that was presented in Kite Runner. After Great Pain by Emily Dickinson will be connected to Amir and the way he reacted to grief in the novel. The theme, sacrifice is not shown enough appreciation, will be connected to the poem Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden. Two Prisons Divided By A Gulf deaths with two men in two separate prisons, one privileged and the other disadvantageous. The privileged prisoner treats the poorer one as a stranger as he was born and raised into poverty, trapped in this cycle, and had no hope, happiness, family or reputation to look forward too. He admits that he has lived a sheltered life that has protected him from true sadness as he has had a warm house and clothes on his back. Both have had very different upbringings, and yet they both find themselves in prison. Even in prison the privileged man is able to live more lavishly than the other, but is not that important as the world keeps…show more content…
This means they have lost their human aspect and have become robotic. They go round and round trying to make things seem normal again although they cant because they are moving mechanically. When Amir let the rape happen and did not intervene, he lost a bit of his humanity in that moment. He sold Hassan for a kite that was supposed to bring him his fathers affection. Ironically if he stood up for Hassan he would have gained much more from his father from being brave, than from winning a kite tournament. Of Ground, Or Air or Ought relates to how life keeps going on after tragedy. He went around trying to fix things with Hassan by pelting pomegranates at him. This was in a wooden way because it was despondent. It was not a good attempt of trying to repair their relationship because Hassan would never do anything to hurt

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