How Did The Beatles Impact Society

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‘The British invasion’ likewise, The Beatles. The Beatles are and were one of the greatest rock bands ever known. They are so much more than just their music. Their music and their influences are what shaped society in 60s.The Beatles after 50 years are still in effect, not as big as they were back then, but they have still had an impact on modern society till this day. Their fame had to start somewhere and wasn’t always as easy as they make it seem. Before they were known as “The Beatles” all together they were, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. Liverpool is the location where the Beatles grew up in there were few areas where local bands could play in. Ringo star the eldest of the group was born Ritchie Starkey,…show more content…
Paul and John had met through school at first they didn’t have all that much in common until they found out they both didn’t have mothers. Paul, also knew George from school and would often hang out. John had already joined a group called “The quarrymen”, John was so impressed with Paul’s guitar skills he asked him to join the group. George, joined the group a year later, Ringo then later joined them 2 years later, after meeting at a local band concert. Soon after “the quarrymen” would by, ‘Johnny & the Moon Dogs’, and The Silver Beetles. John Lennon dreamed up the band's final name, The Beatles, a mix of beat with beetle. ( Another big star other than the known members of The Beatles was their manager Brian Epstein a record store owner. Brian got many requests for records for these say “Beatles” once he had enough he finally went to go see them for himself. He saw so much potential in the Beatles that he offered them a contract which was signed right away, because they felt like their current manager wasn’t up to par. Brian also changed a lot of things for the band, their look was one of them and most importantly their fame. (Saddleback

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