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Delta blues is known as the earliest styles of blues music, it originated in the Mississippi Delta, a region found in the United States that expands from Memphis, Tennessee in the north to Vicksburg Mississippi in the south, to the Mississippi River on the west to the Yazoo River on the east. The areas is famous for its fertile soil and extreme poverty. The music was started by poor black sharecroppers and former African slaves as this a way to entertain and express the relieve they felt and the brutal conditions they had to go through, majority of the music contains instruments like the guitar and the harmonica The delta’s deepest roots are found in the music of Africa as the music found its way to North America from Africa through the 15-20…show more content…
The early recordings contain one person singing and the other playing the instrument, the use of the word band was often used in live performances. Once the Delta Blues spread from Mississippi to urban areas it evolved into electrified Chicago blues, this due to the fact that the people had complained that the rural blues tradition were dying out as the urbanized blacks went to look out for a better source of entertainment. An example to this is Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield) he was found in the Mississippi Delta by John and Alan Lomax, and they recorded him for the Library of Congress in late 1930s. In 1943 he moved to Chicago and got a job in paper mill, but he stilled continued working as a musician at nightclubs and parties. Due to the noisy crowds who demanded for dance music he switched from acoustic to an electric guitar in 1944 and he then formed a band that consisted of a second electric guitar, piano, bass, amplified harmonic, and a drum set. Delta Blues has helped influence music like Rock n Roll and Jazz as they both share the same characteristics. Rock n Roll were influenced by the instruments, rhythm and purpose used by the delta blues. Both genres contain drums, guitars and vocals. As delta blues evolved into Electric Chicago Blues and later helped give birth to rock n roll, and this is through Muddy Waters as he began experimenting on the dynamics of the guitar and being notes he pushed the development of delta blues. The rhythm of both genres started out the same forte and andante as it progressed rock n roll the walking bassline (backbeat) of rock n roll ended up being more heightened but still kept its foundation. Most famous rock n roll bands/artists were influenced by people like Muddy Waters, along the way other artist who aren’t from the delta blues genre also inspired other bands one of them being the

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