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Any parent who has tried to raise a kid as a solo parent will have their hearts touched upon watching this film, “I am Sam”, a tear-jerking drama about a mentally challenged father fighting for his right to live with his young daughter because the court believes that he is not capable to raise a child at his mental stage. This movie, starring Sean Penn as “Sam Dawson,” the main actor, together with his adorable daughter “Lucy Diamond Dawson,” the award-winning child actress, Dakota Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer as “Rita Harrison,” the defending lawyer of Sam who helped him regarding the custody battle with little Lucy. This film seemed to have a great influence with this nineties class rock band, The Beatles for it had a great impact with…show more content…
(The funny part about that popular coffee shop is that it sells overpriced coffee yet people still love hanging around that place pretending to be sosyal and yes that coffee shop is called Starbucks Coffee. Hello butt hurt Filipinos!) On that same day came a very good blessing, he is about to see his eldest daughter for the first time in flesh. He is overwhelmed with the fact that he is seeing his daughter for the first and as a die-hard Beatles’ fan he names his daughter after the band’s song titled, “Lucy in the Diamonds.” So that is where Lucy Diamond’s name came from. What a beautiful name to have after a legendary band’s song. Just in time to go back home, little Lucy’s mother runs away alone, leaving Sam and their daughter. She cannot accept the fact that she got impregnated and all she ever wants is a place to stay in for she is homeless and needs a house, not a family to spend the rest of her life with. I can say that she is a kind of a douchebag mom. Why would you ever leave your daughter and the father of your child just because you do not like the idea of having a family? You should have never slept with him at the first

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