How Did Sugar Change The World

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Sugar Changed The World Sugar changed the world in so many ways. Have you ever thought about what your life would be without sugar? I can't imagine how bland food would be without sugar and candy! This “white gold” satisfies human cravings like no other spice. Sugar is something most people do not think about, but it actually made a bigger impact into shaping the world than any ruler, empire, or war had ever done. (Aronson 35) It is astonishing how one small grain could bring so many changes to the world and create history. Discovery of Sugar The first written record of sugar use was from India. Sugar was being used in Hindu religious ceremonies as an offering to the gods. It was actually discovered by accident when the…show more content…
The Bomba music and dance was invented in Puerto Rico by slaves. The Maculele also may have invented by slaves in Brazil. Enslaved Africans created many songs and dances that expressed their feelings. Music and dance was an outlet for the slaves to express themselves without making their master angry or suspicious of rebellion. Changes to Diet Now that so much sugar cane was being grown and processed on the plantations worked by slaves, large amounts of sugar was being produced. Sugar was no longer a luxury item just for the wealthy. The introduction of drinking tea, coffee, and hot chocolate made sugar consumption even more popular. The drinks by themselves could taste bitter. Sugar went through a chemical change by dissolving in the hot drinks to take away the bitterness. If you have ever been told to clean your plate before dessert, you can thank European chefs from the 1750's. Chefs began dividing meals into different courses. Desserts made with sugar were saved for the final course. Factory workers in England realized sugar gave a rush of energy which was needed to work their long work shifts. They began replacing homemade beer and bread as meals and drank sweet tea and

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