How Does The Bourgeoisie Play In The Russian Revolution

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Animal Farm by George Orwell was written during the time of World War 2 and the Russian Revolution. There were many groups throughout Russia who played different roles in the Revolution. In Animal Farm, Orwell gives characteristics to the characters and events to portray the different people and things that happened during this time. The Bourgeoisie in Russia played a rather big role in the Russian Revolution. The Bourgeoisie in Russia are the capitalist class, who own most of society’s wealth and means of production. In Animal Farm, the Bourgeoisie were represented through Mollie the horse. In the story Animal Farm, Mollie does many of the same things the Bourgeoisie in Russia did. Like the Bourgeoisie, who appreciated and were followers of Czar Nicholas ll; Mollie appreciated Mr. Jones…show more content…
Jones favorite animals. She was always receiving extra things from Mr. Jones, like sugar cubes and ribbons to put in her hair. She rarely had to do work on the farm, but when she did it was very easy. Many of the animals did not like Mollie because of her relationship with Mr. Jones (who none of the animals liked.) Mollie did not care about the Rebellion, so she always showed up to the meetings late and complained about having to be there. “Mollie…Came mincing daintily in, chewing a lump of sugar. She took a place near the front and began flirting her white mane, hoping to draw attention to the red ribbons it was plaited with.” (5-6) Mollie never listened to the pigs talk about the rebellion because she didn’t like it and wanted to stay loyal to Mr. Jones. The very first question she asked Snowball was: Will there be sugar after the Rebellion? (17) Mollie was the animal who asked the ridiculous questions and got very matter-of-fact answers to. “’And shall I still be allowed to wear ribbons in my mane?” Snowball said: “Comrade, those ribbons that you are so devoted to are the badges of slavery. Can you not understand that liberty is worth more than

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