Macayla Is A Hero Essay

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Have you ever come across person who completely transformed your life? For many this person may be an athlete, celebrity, or a historical figure. However, the lucky people are those who have their hero in their life. This person is a daily reminder of our ambition and goal, are hero’s make us better people and inspire to best the best we can be. For Macayla Martin this person was here little sister. Macayla had no idea that her bright eye, red haired sister would inspire her to pursue a career in culinary nutrition. Her sister transformed the way Macayla thought about both food, the body, and life. Culinary was always a big part of Macayla’s life, but she had no idea that here culinary perspective would change because Emma. From a young age Macayla had a passion for wanting to help other. This passion was transformed thought food after taking a culinary class freshman year. Macyala said here culinary teacher helped here to “embrace her passion for cooking and love of helping other”. Macayla explored culinary more thought high school and…show more content…
Macayla’s life changed courses after watching a TED talk. Macayla says “she remembers; the TED talk was about all the different fields in the culinary industry that don’t get talked about”. She was instantly fascinated by the idea of culinary nutrition and dietetics. She says how “she thought it was crazy and could not believe that there was such a huge industry of people that study food and how it affects the body “. After researching culinary schools, she new in an instant that Johnson and Wales was the right fit. She could combine her to passions, helping others and food. She would be able to study and explore the exciting and flavorful world of culinary and the science and molecular biology behind food. “Our mental health and well-being go hand in hand to me. I believe there cannot be one without the other” said

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