How Did Michelangelo Influence Art

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Michelangelo’s art has been admired and remembered throughout history beginning with the Renaissance. Michelangelo became a master of multiple mediums of art including sculpture and frescos through the pieces he created in his life. The central themes from the Renaissance of perfection of the human body based on Greek and Roman art and the focus on religious ideology are reflected in Michelangelo’s artwork. Although Michelangelo did have an influence on art of the Renaissance, his influence does not exceed further than the mannerists that still centered some of their focus on the structure human anatomy. Michelangelo’s lack of influence on future artwork is due to Michelangelo’s artwork being so greatly revered and hard to replicate. Michelangelo’s focus and determination to create perfection in his artwork and his…show more content…
Michelangelo’s sculpture of David depicts the bible story of when a young boy named David kills a massive giant named Goliath. During the Renaissance the Catholic Church was not only a religious entity, but also dominated the political sphere (Neeld). For this reason, the majority of the artwork created during the Renaissance was encompassed by religious ideas; in particular the ideas of the Catholic Church. All of Michelangelo’s works of art ranging from the Pieta to the frescos on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel were all centered religious concepts or stories (Neeld). One of the greatest examples of Michelangelo’s artwork that exhibits all of the Renaissance art themes is the Pieta. The Pieta is a sculptor of crucified Christ sprawled across the lap of his lament mother Mary. The body of Jesus is anatomically flawless which exhibits the theme of the return to Greek and Roman artistic ideals. This sculpture also portrays a scene of a religious story which demonstrates the other central theme of creating artwork based on religious

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