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The Medici family was a successful bank family in the republic of Florence. This essay will introduce you to how the Medici family build a good reputation and used their political power trough beautify the city of Florence with architecture and Urban design. In 1397 Giovanni de Medici, who was the banker to the papal court, established his headquarters in Florence. Giovanni died in 1429 and his son Cosimo de Medici took over the family bank and build up his father’s fortune by getting connections all over Europe. Cosimo was able to gain influence and control over Florence and its government trough the Medici bank. His successful growth led him to exile by the insanely jealous Albizzi family in 1433. He took his family bank with him to Venice, but his economy overcame the exile and he returned to Florence the year after. He did revenge and exiled members of the Albizzi family when he…show more content…
His personal friend Brunelleschi was asked to design the palace but he did not have much experience in such domestic work. Cosimo meant that it was an upper limit to what the society could allow a private citizen to have. They would not build a palace that was too gracious for the Florentines to accept. They choose Michelozzo to complete the design with influence from Brunelleschi. The building begun in 1444 and was finished 1459. It became the first renaissance building in Florence. The palace contained rusticated floors which was clearly delineated. The building stands out for its arched windows along the front and the halfway closed logia in the corner of the palace. The two asymmetrical doors led to a fifteenth century courtyard. The Medici palace introduced the new principles of symmetry and mathematical scheme. The only changes made later on were the windows in the arches, designed by Michelangelo in the early sixteenth century. The Medici palace was an influence of how palaces in Italy were build later

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