Summary Of Kia Corthron's Cage Rhythm

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Cage Rhythm Cage Rhythm is written by the bold playwright, Kia Corthron. Cage Rhythm jus like all her plays involve controversial themes that effect a lot of people in our society, but many wouldn’t dare use a big platform like theater to express how they feel about it. Kia Corthron uses her plays to cover issues, some of them are things like police brutality and the prison systems. The power of using the skill to express a social matter through acting allows her to make bold attempts to reach her audience through her work. Corthron’s true intention when writing her plays are to make social problems known to others through her work but to also provide an opportunity for those who see her play to understand the solutions or steps to fix these problems as well.…show more content…
She group up in a town or area where there more whites than any other race. According to African American Dramatists by Emmanuel S. Nelson, Corthron was able to see how inequity of races effected those around her in her small town in Maryland. For example Corthron’s father worked a paper mill where he would work long drawn out hours without any days off. Her father would train white men how to do the job, even though these men would soon surpass him even though they may not have the skills to do the job as efficient as he could. She was also able to experience first hand how blacks were mistreated in grade school. While attending a elementary school with little to none fellow African American students, Corthron was able to realize first hand of racial

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