Accomplishments Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci: inventor, crafter, artist, mathematician, renaissance man. Da Vinci is one of the smartest men in humanity’s history. Math How did da Vinci use math? Leonardo used math in almost all of his projects. When he made his flying machine, he needed to know when to fly at the right time. Wind speed, gravity, velocity, heat to raise flight, and equations on all these. Did da Vinci enjoy math? Leonardo enjoyed math, but didn’t know how to express it in numbers when he was younger. He designed plans for a bomber(based on his flying machine), tanks, helicopters, and naval cannons, this required a great skill at mathematics. What would da Vinci done without skills in math? Leonardo would not have been nearly as smart, and probably would have never been famous, or considered to be one of the fathers of the renaissance. After Leonardo returned from Milan to Florence in 1499, he began to be fully engaged in mathematical studies. Accomplishments…show more content…
Such as his plans for war machines, and his famous flying machine. Leonardo was also loved by 2 countries during his lifetime: Italy and France. During the last 3 years of his life, he moved to France. There, he was given a castle by Francis I, to commission a special project for him, the last great thing Leonardo would make. What Francis wanted was a mechanical lion that could open it’s chest to reveal a bouquet of lilies. All Leonardo’s thoughts were recorded in 13,000 pages of notes. Including a telescope that could see to the moon, guns, mines, and dams. Leonardo also created maps for Cesare Borgia. This was amazing considering accurate map makers were very hard to come by. Leonardo also had an influence over the people of Italy. From Florence to Milan, Venice, and eventually France. The people respected him, and considered him to be one of the smartest men alive. This influence reached the Venetian Doge, Lorenzo de Medici, The Duke of Milan, and Francis

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