Compare And Contrast Pope Leo And Absolutism

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The Medici popes used violence and terror to regain Italy but not the people loyalty. Giovani became Pope Leo x and essentially elected himself and because he became pope the people of Italy welcomed them back. Pope Leo was the first pope born in Florence and he took advantage of his position as pope to strengthen the position of his family. He makes his cousin Julio arch bishop of Florence and cardinal. He used propaganda to influence a golden age. Pope Leo indulged himself with the position of papacy. He had huge feasts and party’s to show wealth. Pope Leo used his position for power and to show off his family’s wealth and power. He had Michelangelo paint the Sistine chapel with frescos because art represented wealth. The popes desecrated the position of the papacy but helped mankind in the process. When pope clement became pope he was left with his brother’s reputation and nothing remained sacred after he became pope. Clement escaped out of fear, melted all gold, took all gems, and wore rags to avoid being noticed. He took his treasure and bribed his way to Florence.…show more content…
They were more worried about how their family appeared than how the church looked. The two indulged themselves with power. Threw parties and showed off their wealth. Pope Leo was such a bad pope, people conspired to have him assassinated. The assassination failed and Leo put them to death. This affected Florence, the church and Europe overall, in many ways. They affected Florence with wealth and art, but they didn’t focus on the church like a pope should. They affected the church by selling indulgences, living lavishly and this led to martin Luther’s reformation. Luther wasn’t trying to destroy the church but help it, Leo didn’t care and this led to rebellions. They affected Europe by letting people reform and breakaway from the church. They never paid attention to the churches need and only cared about their

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