Argumentative Essay: The Killing Of Mike Brown

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Even though there has only been 22 short days into the New Year, 2014 memories still lingers on the tip of many mouths. Some of the most traumatic moments of 2014 that impacted the whole country was the crimes that was influenced by unforgiveable and unjustifiable acts. One of the biggest cases that gravitated everyone’s attention in the country was the murder of Mike Brown. The killing of Mike Brown caught the whole country’s attention almost immediately after the unfortunate death of the young African-American teen. The key thing that stood out the most about the untimely death is Brown was gunned down by law enforcement: a white police officer. The killing of Mike Brown sparked so much negativity in the country that now the views of the law enforcement in today’s society is very contravening.…show more content…
The current impact of law enforcement within today’s society is not a positive one. The image of law enforcement today is very adverse. The image is adverse because some of the violence that is brewing in the country stems from the different agencies/offices that is located right here in the country. The ugly truth and side of it all is the law enforcement agencies/offices is a contributor to the violence in the country. These offices/agencies are partaking in these senseless acts of violence and no justice is being served. Unfortunately, by the end of 2014 the whole system of the law enforcement was unfavorable. The system is very contradictory. Law enforcement agencies/offices appears to be very contradictory because one of the founding principles of the system is to “serve and protect.” However, the ideology of “serving and protecting” is negated when particular offices/agencies within the system is doing the complete opposite: protecting

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