How Did Martin Luther King Impact On Civil Rights

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Salem Aljohani Mary Louise Buley-Meissner English-100 9/29/2015 Martin Luther King’s Impact on The Civil Right in The United States In life, many things happen for a reason. There are many people that bring something into the world and one of those people is Martin Luther King. Do you know about Martin Luther King? Do you know his accomplishments? In 1963 King wrote a letter to the whole world and he talked about several things in the letter such as segregation, unification and civil rights movement. King was the advocate for helping out and reducing segregation in America. He served as the leader of multiple troops that marched all for the freedom of black people in America. He went through several arrests for the dream that he had for all races and color in America; which we now see coming through little by little. I think it is the most important letter to read for everyone on earth, not just to college students because it could change a lot of things in his/her life. Just knowing the history of civil rights back then gives people a lot to think about if this letter…show more content…
All this humbleness does sure helps to calm white peoples’ mind while he was in jail and helped with the process of freedom. He was as worried as to what the outcome of the civil rights movement would become while he was in jail. He was constantly thinking about not just his peace, but also the peace of the nation. However, King went in jail unlawfully for trying to peacefully protest for the freedom of which his forefathers were denied for so many years. I am sure if he was so rude, the whole civil movement would have ended up at war with the minorities losing out and thereby going back to the beginning of
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