Examples Of Dystopia In 1984

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The novel 1984 by George Orwell is the perfect embodiment of a dystopian society. With the placement of the telescreens everywhere, the thought police, and the constant surveillance of peoples everyday lives, the society run by ‘Big Brother’ could very well be the complete demise of humanity. Many people believe that our society is slowly turning into a modern version of this dystopia. Is this inevitable, or can it be prevented? Although the world is becoming more corrupt by the year, I don’t think that it’ll turn into the dystopia that Oceania is. However, we do tend to share similar ideas. For example, the Two Minute Hate that is done everyday in Oceania can be compared to many of the riots that break out throughout the world. Ferguson can be used as one…show more content…
Also, The Party in 1984 has the ability to change the past to make themselves look like the better person. Today, our government seeks to change the historical facts of the world that make the United States seem like ‘the bad guy’. They also do tend to sometimes favor a certain party of people, race, age, etc. All in all, our country is not even the slightest bit perfect, and can be getting close to being a totalitarian society. Other things, however, are extremely different from how our society is. For example, the children in Oceania are trained to be spies at a very young age and are usually feared by most adults. They turn in people to the thought police if they think they are guilty of thoughtcrime, which also includes their own parents. In our world, children are cherished and loved immensely by mostly everyone, and especially by their parents. We also don’t have own lives monitored 24/7 and we are not told what to do. The whole point of having ‘Big Brother’ is to let people know that they can’t hide anything from the government. As humans, we take pride in having our own privacy, and we wouldn’t let anyone or anything take that away from

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