Becoming A Registered Nurse Essay

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I feel that I have the personal competencies, characteristics, and motivation required to become a registered nurse because it is my greatest aspiration in life. I graduated from Hilo High School in May 2011, and since then I have been working on my pre requisites for the University of Hawaii’s Bachelor of Science Nursing Program. While in high school, going to college to become a registered nurse was at the top of my list. As soon as graduation hit, I knew what I would being doing next. Throughout high school, I did volunteer work at Hilo Medical Center, Haleanuenue Restorative Care Center, and even Hui Malama Ola Na Oiwi Native Hawaiian Health Care Systems. I was also a part of the Health Occupations Students of America Club (H.O.S.A). Being involved in H.O.S.A and doing all of my volunteer work just made me even more driven to pursue my dream of being a registered nurse and confirmed my passion in life.…show more content…
Becoming a nurse’s aide only grew that fire and passion deep inside. I feel like I am climbing a step ladder in life. I started as a volunteer, I am currently a nurse’s aide, and I am now ready to be the nurse. If accepted into the University of Hawaii’s Bachelor of Science Nursing Program, it would help me to feed that fire and fulfill my passion of helping and caring others. I am willing to do whatever it takes to feed my passion in life. I am willing to make sacrifices for this program. If accepted, I will swear to put all of my greatest efforts into the tasks asked of me. I must say that nobody is perfect, especially not me. I feel like I have so much to bring to the table, and if given the opportunity, I would make the absolute best of it. I think I would end up bringing more to the table, than taking away from

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