Modernism In The American Era

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Introduction Through history it is known that all that exists must have a beginning somewhere. Specifically modern design comes from a long way back and through all this it has developed particular theories that both affected and influenced eras in time. European modernism was a multi-layered and diverse phenomenon between the 1st and the 2nd world war. Its view in the 1920s was too different from the one in the 1930s though it had basic division of various ideas and artistic approaches merged. This essay is going to lead to an understanding of the American modernism; the European influence; Container Corporation of America and the War and Post war years. (Du PLESSIS, 1985:43) Modernism Modernism is a movement which is known to be very philosophical.…show more content…
Modernism covers many cultural, political and artistic movements that occurred through the changes that took place in the Western Society at the end of the 19th century towards the beginning of the 20th century. American modernist movement explained the unchanging aspects of political and cultural disruption from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. Most work of the modernists were brought to the public before the year 1914 which made it a prewar movement. However America together with the countries that took part in the world wars and modernism, wanted the desperate convulsions of the struggle. Within the context of America’s involvement in the two world wars, its threat to democratic capitalism, rise of the socialism and its economic depression, aesthetic and intellectual modernism presented the philosophy to break free from. (Geoffrey,…show more content…
Cultural establishment focused on fine art and scholars gave little focus to the revolutionary styles of modernism. Utopianism rose in the United States as a result of technological and economic progress which influenced some artists of modernism. When the United States won in the First World War its status was confirmed as a strong and powerful nation and the people there felt very safe and confident. At this time the American modernism began American art which was distinct from European taste by eliminating artistic contentious that had been made representative of the European traditions at that time. (Easthope,

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