Argumentative Essay On Julius Caesar

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Many would be surprised how much of what stems from everyday society can be stemmed from the ancients. Specifically, the ancient Romans, who lived in a city founded roughly 3,000 years ago. While there are many things the ancient Romans did that didn’t make the cut to today’s culture, as in imposing a tax on urine and drinking blood of gladiators to increase fertility, there are many things that have marked them forever in history, thus the reason Rome is often referred to as the ‘Eternal City’. The Ancient Romans are not just remembered for their rulers or their architecture, they are also remembered by their foundation of law and democracy that our own government was based off of, as well as their culture and the Latin language, which we…show more content…
Caesar entered and climbed the ranks in the Roman political system, growing into the position of quaestor in 69 BC, aedile in 65 BC, and proctor in 62 BC. When he returned to Rome in 60 BC, Caesar made a promise with Pompey and Crassus, who assisted in his election to consul for 59 BC. Caesar then returned to Italy, ignoring the command of the Senate and famously crossing the Rubicon river without disbanding his army. With a civil war ensuing, Caesar defeated the republican forces. Without Pompey, their leader, Caesar elected himself consul as well as supreme dictator (BBC). Caesar himself wasn’t a Hitler type of dictator, however, since he was committed to fixing the city. He used his reign to carry out much needed reform, relieving debt, growing the senate, and crafting the Forum Iulium, in addition to revising the calendar. Dictatorship was regarded as a nonpermanent position up until 44 BC when Caesar took it for the rest of his life. His triumph and aspiration cast away very republican senators. A group, with Cassius and Brutus leading, assassinated Caesar on the Ides of March, 44 BC (BBC). Though nowadays we don’t take out our leaders quite as quickly, it cleared the way for more progress to be made on

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