How Did Pliny Influence Greek Culture

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To What Extent was Pliny a Typical Person of Status in Roman Society, and Where, if Anywhere do You See Him Influenced by the New Greek Fashions of the Late Republic and Early Years of the Empire Campbell M. Scollo Hist 101 B In the life time of Pliny, the Roman customs changed as the influence of Greek culture grew. The conquering of Greece and the fact that they took many Greeks back as slaves was influential in the spread of Hellenistic culture in Rome, some of this influence can be seen through Pliny’s letters. As male children before the influence of Greek culture, the Romans learned Latin, became acquainted with the law, how to fight, do basic math, ride horses, and throw a javelin; after the conquering of Greece and other Hellenistic cultures the Romans who were well off or liked Greek culture started to teach their children how to speak and write Greek as well as Latin and pursue more intellectual…show more content…
The bath that he writes about is to be a public bath which is an idea that the Romans took from the Greeks. Public baths were a melting pot of social classes and usually included libraries, lounges, and gymnasiums. The Romans were practically split on who liked the idea of public baths and who enjoyed them. Romans who disliked the idea of public baths argued about prostitutes and other matters as a way to dissuaded others from using them. Romans that approve of public baths however argued that it was a place of social interaction, a place where people could discuss politics and be seen. Pliny goes on to tell the emperor that the land has a depilated building on it and that the land was left in a will to have a shrine erected on it to a previous emperor by a previous emperor called Claudis, he states that maybe they could leave the shrine and use the clear land for the baths and the house that’s falling apart as a open

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