How Did Bob Dylan Influence Society

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“Bob Dylan is the most important songwriter of the last 50 years, in a culture in which songwriting has always been a major force, a major component.”(Barkhorn) Bob Dylan’s greatest work came out of 1964,65,66. But in the 60’s the world and society became a burden on the entire culture. The 60’s could be thought of as the Revolution, “Jim Crow was smashed, the beginnings of the movements that would end communism in Eastern Europe,all sorts of things were happening all around the world.”(Barkhorn) Bob Dylan was very much a part of this era, He’s influenced by things such as music, poetry, and writing that came along before the 60’s. Robert Allen Zimmerman was born in 1941 in Minnesota, but later as he grew up in college he changed his name to Bob Dylan after the poet Dylan Thomas.Around the age of ten Bob Dylan started writing poems and he taught himself to play the piano and guitar.When Bob was younger his musical inspirations in life was Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis.After…show more content…
When The Times They Are A-Changin' album came out in January 1964, the 22 year old from Minnesota found himself crowned and hailed as "the voice of a generation". The song is about the movement for social change is unstoppable and that history will conform to morality. “It was the unexpected achievements of the civil rights movement, a grassroots upsurge which transformed the American political landscape, that made this challenge and the song as a whole possible. “(Marqusee) Dylan wrote about many topics that were troublesome to the society such as he engaged in his songs with the terror of the nuclear arms race, with poverty, racism and prison, jingoism and war. Although Dylan never was in Vietnam, its escalating madness can be felt in two of the songs he recorded in mid-1965, 'Highway 61 Revisited' and 'Tombstone Blues'. In the latter, Dylan portrays "the Commander-in-Chief" (it was Lyndon

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