Kate Intervention In Antigone

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The Intervention If the characters Kate, from The Taming of the Shrew, Antigone, from Antigone, and Estella, from Great Expectations, were to meet, I would assume that it would be to have an intervention for Kate. The reason why I think that they would have an Intervention for her is because they believe that women should be treated as equals. I picked them because Antigone and Estella’s character’s personalities are very different than Kate’s at the end of the book. In the video Kate, Estella and Antigone have tea together at Satis House. They chat for a while and ask Kate about how her life has been. After pushing the topic of her relationship with her husband, Estella and Antigone reveal that they are having an Intervention for Kate because of her new attitude. After they reveal that it is actually an intervention, they start questioning Kate about why she did the things she has done. Kate continues to avoid the questions they throw at her by murmuring. Eventually, Kate reveals…show more content…
In the video, Antigone and Estella decide to help Kate get her freedom back. They do this because their moral beliefs tell them to do so. Antigone knows that women are just as equal as men are and should be treated that way. She shows this by telling Kate that she shouldn’t be with Percutio because he starved her and wouldn't let her sleep. Estella also tries to help Kate during the intervention. She chooses to help Kate by telling Kate that Percutio is abusing her. It is likely that Estella would help Kate because Estella believes that men are bad and this supports her theory. Finally, Kate acted the way she did because she was embarrassed about how Percutio had been treating her and didn’t want to talk about the subject. This is shown when Kate lies about everything that Percutio has done. Also, Kate states that being tame is all an act. This is something Kate would do because she is very

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