Modern Revolution: Positive Or Negative Force?

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To what extent has the Modern Revolution been a positive or negative force? The Modern Revolution has had a good amount of certain countries, but it also has caused chaos in other countries. This revolution has introduced many new inventions and had also made other areas scene of destructions. In response to this question, the Modern Revolution has been a negative force because of wars, globalization and diseases. “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” ( J.F.K.). Throughout the late nineteenth century and the twentieth century, mostly all countries have been participants in World War 1 and 2. These wars have not only cause a great population decrease, but it has also caused economic decrease in plenty of countries. In World War 1, it caused a huge economic change in Germany for one…show more content…
Berger). During the Modern revolution time period, Europeans needed “needed to compete for more resources to fuel their almost constant wars.” (“The Modern Revolution Video”). This then caused them to try to take over places that had an abundance of resources. According to “Modern Revolution Video”, “Life was also pretty miserable for the slaves that survived the journey and generations of their descendants.” They took over places such as America, South Africa, and may others. Europeans then forced labor on the people who was there, and took the natives’ culture away from them. This then led to segregation and slavery. Europeans forced labor on natives and treated the natives as if they were goods. They thought of the natives as if they were not like the Europeans, and as if they were not even humans. This then led to segregation and unequal rights. Europeans bullied, threatened, abused, and discriminate the natives. Then they also taxed them and did not let these natives have any say in their own

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